Though we see value in many products that are normally discarded - not every version of our products makes it past the testing phase.  Sometimes this is due to the final look of the samples, sometimes due to limitations in supply.  Either way - we like to experiment, and the results are interesting even if not commercially viable.  
It's safe to say that we will pretty much try anything.   Even Denimite was just a concept until we could prove that it would work. 

Confection Sunflower Seed Hulls

Seedwood is an amazing product - and technically only considered a prototype until we can develop additional methods to make sure that all of the seeds are removed from the shell!  We expect to re-introduce this product in 2015.  

1022-2 Pompous Grass.jpg

Pampas Grass

This sample was made with Pampas Grass - and we love the look but sourcing is a bit dodgy. 

This material also took to pigmenting in an interesting way  - it is always cool to see how a sample will turn out!

10xx-x blue pampas.jpg

10xx-x corn husk.jpg

Corn Husks

After all, we are in the Cornhusker State!

Though plentiful, this raw material would be difficult to separate from the other "waste" material produced from corn crop harvesting.

To top it off, this material looked a little too plain, and too much like OSB.  So we went back to the drawing board. 


1022-1 Oilseed.jpg

Oilseed Sunflower Seed Hulls

This version of early prototype testing was made from good ol' birdseed feed shells. There are a few extra seeds and sticks involved in this sample. Once we were able to get factory-separated Oilseed, this one had to be shelved.  Oilseed Sunflower Shells from the factory are clean, free from seeds and sticks, and way more consistent.