The answers to your questions:

What can Iris Industries products be used for?

Iris Industries sheet materials can be used for countertops, in the place of solid surface or natural stone.  They can also be used for architectural applications like wainscotting, trim, table tops, and furniture.   Iris Industries products can also be used for consumer products.  Contact us to learn more.

Do I need to seal this material?

- Denimite, Magazite, Billium, and Marblus do not require sealers. 

Where are your products made?

- Our materials are made in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Can I fabricate these sheets myself of do I need a professional?

- Because standard woodworking tools can be used to fabricate our materials, AND if you have some level of skill with these types of tools, you may be able to fabricate your own material.  However, an experience professional should easily be able to provide you with what you need!  DIY at your own risk!  :)