Iris Industries specializes in the development and commercialization of
sustainable composites using renewable bio-based components blended
with recycled and reclaimed materials. 

Creative sourcing, outstanding performance, and incredible aesthetics.  

At Iris Industries, we take pride in the fact that we look at the world a little differently.  We see value in materials that are normally thrown away, downcycled, burned, or otherwise discarded.  All of our materials are thoughtfully sourced, with regard to supply,
consistency, sustainability, and the end product performance .  



Denimite is made from post-consumer and post-industrial denim scrap


Marblus is made from white cotton/polyester post-industrial scrap


Billium is made from shredded US Currency pulled from circulation by the Federal Reserve


Magazite gets its amazing color mix from locally sourced recycled magazines


Seedwood is made from the Confection Sunflower Seed Hulls - the seeds are removed and put on your grocery shelves

Slate-ish is a wall tile made from reclaimed paper-laminate material.  Light weight with a stone-like appearance, it is strong and durable, and easy to install.



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Prototype and Concept

We like to experiment with potential materials - though not all end up being good choices. This can be because of sourcing, aesthetic or performance.  However - we see these as valuable learning tools, and we like sharing our ideas - who knows what it might inspire...


Architects and Designers: here you will find the information you need to specify Iris Industries products.  Product Specifications, Cut Sheets, and more.