Creative sourcing, outstanding performance, and incredible aesthetics.  

At Iris Industries, we take pride in the fact that we look at the world a little differently.  We see value in materials that are normally thrown away, downcycled, burned, or otherwise discarded.  All of our materials are thoughtfully sourced, with regard to supply,consistency, sustainability, and the end product performance .  



Textile recycling is booming worldwide, providing a huge amount of post-industrial and post-consumer scrap material.  Our Denimiteā„¢ is from blue jeans, and our Marblusā„¢ is made from a cotton/polyester blend. 

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Paper Fiber

 Our paper-based composites are durable and interesting, from sourcing to end use.   Each sheet is unique. Our current offerings include Magazines and Shredded US Currency.  

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 Slate-ish is a wall tile made from reclaimed paper-laminate material.  Light weight with a stone-like appearance, it is strong and durable, and easy to install.

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Our materials are available in standard sizes and a variety of custom sizes and thicknesses and ready to be used for unique architectural applications, lighting design, partitions, or anywhere you might need a countertop surface.   We are constantly looking for new and creative uses of our materials, and love the challenge of bringing our client's vision to life.  Because of the unique applications that are possible with this material, it can be used for interior automotive trim, housewares, and furniture and so much more.